Monday, June 18, 2007


Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Respect… A word that people wouldn’t fully understands. How can some people lose their respect on their leader? Insulting him like he has done something bad to them. I simply can pity those types of people. Heck... they even want other people to respect them but they don’t show a good example of people that should be respect at.

Like somebody once said; I’m not afraid of God. I love God. I only afraid of His wrath if I do bad things. It’s the same as why you obey your parent’s order. It’s not about fear but respect.

To be honest, I’ve seen so many people like this. They want others to respect them but they don’t respect other people. Hey dude, if you want people to respect you, you got to earn it. This is my short entry for today but remember, respect others and people will respect you. Peace and out.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Every One Peace!

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

I’m going all broke right now. Ya ha!! I’m cutting my comic money by simply downloading the comic from the internet. But it’s hard to find Marvel or DC comic in the internet. I guess I’ve to buy those Spider-Man and Batman comic books. Arrgghh!! The boredom is killing me. Don’t have works to do and no money in my pocket. What to do? I guess I’ve to resort to other route. Maybe I could find a job at some restaurant nearby. Shishishishi~

But seriously, I’ve tried to find job but seems unavailable at the moment. Maybe because of the ex-SPM takers are on the loose to look for jobs. They got there before I did. Bah! Its okay I guess. I will try to find another job. I really hate people that talk big but didn’t do it. They then will give excuses for not doing the thing. Stated that want to do this and that but in the end none. Nothing at all. You're talking the talk but you ain't walking the walk man.

It’s true that those with too much power they fall down in history. Because when with too much power, people will lose sense of their own common sense. They will be clouded with their own lust for more power and not thinking of anyone else. They will think that they are right all the time while other people make mistakes. Not being able to take criticism or opinions. Well, it’s their funeral.

Alas, I’m as a human being can’t escape from the fact that I will also make some mistakes in my life. All that good came from Allah S.W.T. while the wrong came from me. That is how we can improve ourselves. Till then, Yo ho ho ho!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Isn’t it ironic of these world have turned into? I mean sometimes something can be derailed from its main objective after a few years. The best example is the parties that are in our country. UMNO’s main objective was supposedly to be helping the people for the better life but now it actually more to pleasing their own members’ life. For the last 20 years, Dr. Mahathir had been standing up for our country in the Western countries. Yet, after he stepped down from his position, most people criticize him. Why can’t we do like what Singapore did when their own minister stepped down from his position? They made him as the country’s advisor. Why can’t we do that to Dr. Mahathir?

As history itself clearly proclaims that the Malay only strong when they are actually fighting among themselves. Ah yes, on how the Malays can be in cahoots with the British just to fight among themselves just to satisfy their lust for power and money. It actually happened in Naning, Klang and some other places. Why? Because we are greedy. We only think of ourselves not other. We like to use people as the stepping stones to moves up to the sky. We like to see other people suffer than to feel it ourselves. We will forget about the people who once helped us in achieving what we have achieved today. People will eventually forget about the great things the person had done to them. Hey, a person who doesn’t know about his history will eventually repeat the history again. But remember that if you receive a little kindness, give them a large serving.

Come to think about it, why the government keeps on sucking our money from us. Why can’t they suck other countries’ money? Looks at Germany, they give 40% off for their local cars to their own countrymen but sell them with the usual price to other countries. Instead, our country gives the benefits to the other countries and leeches the money from their own countrymen. What’s up with that? They said for making the revenue higher but can’t they take other countries’ money instead of us? Alas, I’m just a nobody. I would like take the blame in joining you in doing absolutely nothing. That's all, I’m signing off.


True School

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Seeing the school kids going to school everyday in front of my house reminds me off my schooldays. I envy them for having nothing big to be worried about. No bills to be paid, no need to work to obtain money and so on. But then, the school kids are eager to grow up to become adults. I guess it is true that people said that people will not be satisfied in whatever state they are. They will eventually regrets something when it already in the past. That is why school children, remember this; Listen to the teachers, learn the golden rule, learn your roots and culture and be true to yourselves. Once the time is already gone, it will not comeback. Take this advice from me, the person that is regretting for his past schooldays. Sure, homework sucks, teacher bites, rules are ridiculous but imagine of actually not knowing what to do in the future later on. Stay cool kids, stay in school.

Also remember that when you obtain knowledge, don’t get cocky with it. Share it with other people. Everybody have their own abilities in some aspects. Don’t be ignorant and stingy with your knowledge. I’m good with my cooking skills but I’m not stingy with my knowledge. I would never look down on people that doesn’t know how to cook instead I will teach them all I know about cooking if I got the chance. People like to boast about their talents that they are forgetting that they also lacking in other aspect just like other people. Like ‘Oooh.. I’m so good with my computer while you’re not. Boo hooo hooo... You are an idiot.’ Don’t be that, that is they way morons would act because they know that they doesn’t have other talents than their own special skills. That is the real piece of thrash.

This is all that I can write for now. Always remember that immature fruit is sour... producing immature fights. Thank you and have a nice day.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Only God Knows Why

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

I am hating fast food right now. I don’t know why but I hate ‘em. Sure people said that they are fast and cheap but too me, it’s not worthy. Take a look at those ingredients inside them. Urrgghhh… Made me shivers. I prefer to cook myself than to order one of those. If you are eating them occasionally, that if fine but don’t eat them like all the time. It’s bad for your body.

There is a guy who I knew that once said to his friend (which I also know) that he wants to cut lose some weight but still eating fast foods. What’s up with that? Dude, you want to lose some weight but you don’t exercise and still eating fast food? You want to stay in that condition for the rest of your life? I take one of my seniors for an example. He is really big in size. I mean, much bigger than the guy that I’ve mentioned but yet he has some motivation inside of him to eat less and exercise more. Heck, he even walks to class for some times and only uses his motorcycle when he is really in a hurry. Now that’s something. It’s okay to gain a few pounds but just keep in shape will ya? I Know You’re Fat, You’re Fat - - But Do You Know It?

Also, nowadays how people shunned the good side and taking over the bad side. Pretending nothing is wrong with what they are doing. It’s seem like that heaven and hell doesn’t even exist anymore. Oh sure, when it comes to religion people can’t talk about it in the internet message board because its against the rules of that place but people can talk about sex related stuff? Funny… What ever happened to the fact that there are minors in the internet message board? Even you put the word ‘Over 18 Only’ like they would listen to it. Only God knows why. But like what my sister and her friends told me never argue with these types of people because they are morons. They know it’s wrong but denying it.

Oh yeah, something amusing just happened to me. I just heard that people can actually don't have to get married if they don’t want to. My ustaz which is a kadi said that; “Rasulullah S.A.W. will hate his followers if they shunned or hated marriage.” Well, does that means that people don’t have to get married just because they don’t want to not because the hated it? Who knows? But I want to get married in the future. Marriage is a wonderful thing. Sure it will come with responsibilities and parenthood and such but it will prevents me from doing some other unwanted stuff like pre-marital sex. But I’ve to admit that I do watched some porn but if that makes my to control my hormones, I don’t care about the consequences. Heck, most of the men watched porn and so does the girls. But that is a secret to them.

Alas, it is up to Allah S.A.W. to judge me, not others. I only can give advice to others. Either they want to accept it, it’s their own decision. All I know that I’ve done my part as a Muslim on behalf of Rasulullah S.A.W. Until then, I bid you guys farewell.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Three Third Sequels

Spiderman 3

-Way to go intoducing venom in the final half hour of the movie and killing him. Venom was a pussssssy! He didnt even try going after spiderman by himself first. DEAR GOD! WHY!? I just kept hoping for something cool to happen.
-Dancing? In a superhero movie? No thanks.
-Downright laughable lines. I was laughing at the lines, not the movie.
-Plot hole here and there...
-Spider-Man teaming up with the "New Goblin"... This isnt Batman. There iss a reason Spider-Man works alone and its to avoid stupid one liners.
-Raimi could have just said "I don't like Spider-Man" instead of blowing 250 million on this.
-On a side note.....Bruce Cambell owns. His cameo made me happy.

Pirates of Carribean 3: At The World's End

-Will's death was pointless and anticlimactic as was Norrington's, Sao Feng's and Governor Swann's. Even Beckett's very well produced death was made moot by the fact that he had ZERO character development.
-Pointless action in the movie.
-Somewhat this movie is too damn long that made me feel bored looking at it. Luckily, there was the witty Jack Sparrow.

Shrek The Third

-Too short; one and half hour.
-Repeated jokes and used ones.
-What happened to Shrek? Since when he cared about others?

Mad Season

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Aaaahh... For the past few days I didn't do anything but to do nothing at all. Well, I did help my friend carrying his stocks to his shop and I go for my friend's wedding. But to be honest, I'm quite lazy these days. With nothing to do, I even woke up late. Been watching too many movies lately. I have watched Platoon, Little Nicky, Pirate's of the Caribbean trilogy, The Mask of Zorro and so on and so on. I think most of the movies I have watched. Want to catch up with all the movies that I have missed for the few months in the hostel.

Still wasn't able to find a job. Most to them doesn't need any kitchen people. Drat, curses. I seriously need some loo right now. Those scallywags. I've been spending a lot of money in the past few months that I didn't even have enough money for the holiday. Arrrgghhh!! Spent it on assignments and some works. Damn you! Daaaaaaaaaamn yooooooooou!! If only I were richer or have a job right now. Aaaah... Let's pray to God that I will not do desperate things to get some money.

My sister said that my new haircut looks like a Mohawk. Maybe it does. Kind of reminded me of David Spade in his movie; Meet Joe Dirt. Talking about marriage, two of my fellow friends got married. Hah, one is we surely thought that he will get married eventually while the other one took us by surprised in getting married. Either way, Godspeed for those two. Hope that their relationship can stand until the end. Shishishishshishi....

If I were going to get married, I want to have a simple wedding. Maybe just the 'akad nikah' only. For the wedding ceremony? I think I want to invite close family and close friends. Yeah, I am cheap. I hate wasting my money in something like this. Hey, it's not cheap to do a wedding ceremony, you know. I've been into Hotel Management and Cooking, so I know the cost for everything. My friend wedding's cost him nearly RM25, 000. Wow! Just the ceremony not the dowry. But I don't know if I were rich in the future, there might be a grand wedding. Who knows...?

Today, my sister and I adopt a cat. We called her M.J. I will post her pictures later on. Until then drink up, mateys!


Friday, June 08, 2007

We Are Who We Are

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

A knife can only bring happiness when used in cooking. That is why I want to learn how to cook. So that I don’t have to depends on other people in cooking. Even tho it might not bring happiness to other people but it made me happy. People often like to think about what other people think about them that they are forgetting to be themselves. They seem to like to be somebody else rather than themselves just to hide who they are. I’ve learn my lesson when I dealt with this type of people.

Yes, I admit that I enjoy watching Hindustani movies, I cry in most touching scenes, and I will get offensive if someone said something bad about my religion. I once debated with a moronic American in an instant messenger about the insulting caricature of The Prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. He claimed that the Muslims were being overreacting about the issue. That it was not a big deal. I told him that it was a big deal and we, the Muslims respect The Prophet very much. Then he said that people made fun of Jesus Christ but the Christians never do anything. I backfire and said that the jokes about Jesus Christ were made by the fellow Christians themselves while the caricature was not made by the Muslims by the non-Muslims. Some nerves he has by saying that.

But hey, he is from America, where most of all things are legal, even same sex marriage. So there, as some of the fellow Muslims in Malaysia remain quite while other only blabbers in some local forums on how injustice about the thing, other Muslims from other country was actually trying to seek justice about it. And yet still been labeled as overreacting action which was also said by a fellow Muslims itself. Ironic isn’t it?

To put matter worst, some of the Muslims that I know even stated that being too strict with Islamic belief will make you get left behind by the society. I’ve wrote this in my last post. In his post, he wrote something that sounds like by being with Islamic belief, we will get left behind. But hey, Islam never discourages its worshipers from being modern. It just that don’t get too caught up with the flow that you are forgetting the roots, that’s all. But these people get too caught up with the world that they are forgetting about the roots. All of the things that are illegal in Islam are legal to them and an okay. Their motto is; You don’t bother us, we don’t you. Go ahead and do whatever you like.

Also get this, every time you try to advice a Malay Muslim, he will said something like this; If you want to preach others, make sure you have the full knowledge first. Hey, does that means that everyone are not worthy of giving an advice? Cool… A person also said that; It is like a doctor giving advice on how to repair a car. Keep me wondering; What if the doctor does know how to repair the car than the mechanic? In this world anything can happen. Everyone is rushing to gain more knowledge which is unlimited. You can never satisfy your needs for knowledge because it will never be. I am a cook but I know how to repair stuff, I know about computers, I know about a lot of stuff.

My advice for these type of person, try to take some advice from everyone. If you kept on looking down to other person just because you think you have gained more knowledge than them, then you are the one that will loose. Sometimes you never know what knowledge that other person has. It never kills to just listen on what the other person said to you. That's all.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Being Born As A Muslim


Today, I cut my hair because my friend told me my hair was messy. Wooarrghh! I cut my hair! In mid term break! Even worse, it cost me 9 bucks! Ha ha ha ha ha..... But cut to the case.. I'm going to preach about some important matter.

After seeing what happens to most of my converted Muslims cousin that aren't from the original Muslim family made me feel glad that I was born as a Muslim. You see, several days ago, a girl who I knew, converted into Islam without her parents and family knowing about it. She is 24 years old and really nice. What happened was, her family knows about it and guess what they did? They locked her up, drugged her and tortured her for 3 days. We manage to save her from her OWN family.

Is it that bad to be a Muslim in the eyes of the non-Muslims? Yes, I know we as the Malay Muslims in Malaysia aren't being a very good example to them. Most of the crimes in this country was committed by the so called Malay Muslims. We do as we please even tho it is against our own religion belief. That girl's father even said that he rather her daughter to convert into other religion other than Islam. If not, he would rather kill her himself. Shocking isn't it? Surely the cases of women abused in marriage was done by the Malay Muslims. That is why we get the different looks by the non-Muslims.

We want to be too modern that we forget everything. We drink alcohol, we have pre-marital sex, in fact we did everything we could just that we become modern. Heck, even I heard someone in a local forum claimed that by going back to roots of Islam, you are being left behind by the society, not going with the flow and not thinking outside the box. We are too obsessed with other people think about us that we are forgetting about what Allah S.W.T. think about us, the Muslims. Remember, we are Muslims, we should remember that. No matter what happens, we should retain our Islam dignity.

Sure you can call me thrash or anything. Heck.. Even I know that someone will talk bad about me after this but it's okay. Like what my friend said; No matter what happen, always believe that Allah S.W.T. is always with you. Sure you can say that nowadays, it is okay for women not to wear their hijab, it is okay to to follow the westerners' wrong way of living, but you all know that it is wrong and you can't run away from it forever.

For the things that people committed, they are beginning to love this world way to much that they are forgetting about Allah S.W.T. love. If you truly believe in Allah S.W.T. and love Rasulullah S.A.W., try not forget about Islam.