Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of Hobbies and Interests

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

You know how people tend to make fun of you when your hobbies are slightly different from theirs? Like when you said you’re not into football and such, they treated you like a weird person just because you’re different then them.

I’ve encountered these types of people every time in my life. They tend to make fun and ridicule you when you stated that you enjoyed watching animation, reading comic books, and watching toku series. They will label you as childish and immature. Poke at you whenever they had the chance even though you didn’t do anything to them.

I got this person where I used to know. He likes to ridicule me whenever he saw me watching any animu or toku series. He would say; “Kau ni macam budak-budak ah, tak matang langsung. Dah besar tengok cerita macam ni. Bazir duit langsung.” (You’re just like a kid, very immature. You’re a grown up but still watching this sort of shows. Only wasting money). So I then reply; “Bazir duit? Sekurang-kurangnya aku tak bakar duit aku dengan beli rokok. Dah la rosakkan diri pastu nak bunuh orang lain lagi. Mak bapak aku tak kisah pun aku ada hobi macam ni. Yang kau nak sibuk kenapa? Mak bapak kau tahu ke yang kau habiskan duit dekat rokok?” (Wasting money? At least I don’t burn my money on buying cigarettes. Not only killing yourself but others too. My parent doesn’t mind of me having these kinds of hobbies. So why do you like to nag about it? Does your parent know about you smoking?).

You know the funny thing is? The people who like to ridicule people who like to watch animu and such, likes to watch the so-called kiddy shows such as Naruto and Bleach. Hypocrisy? I don’t think so, they are just to imbecile to see that what they are watching is also called a kiddy shows. Sure, animu is made for kids and so does mango and toku series. I only watch it because it is my hobby since I was little. I’m not stopping just because I had grown up. It’s a hobby. As long as I got a life and not neglecting my job as a Muslim, it is fine.

I remember one time there is a guy how made fun of me about my hobby but a few months later, he asked me either I have new animu for him to watch. I only managed to laugh at him and told him that I thought he would never want to watch kiddy shows. He replied that he was bored and it was the only thing that he could borrow from me.

In this world nowadays, people will only like things that they had familiar with and tends to make fun out of something that is new. Up until now, this type of hobby is nothing more than child’s hobby in the mind set of some of people not only in Malaysia but across the world. For me, I don’t care what others might think as long as I only treated this as a hobby and not get too hype with it.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Anime-Shrine October Fest

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

Anime-Shrine had organized another gathering between their old forummers which is located in a place where only the people that went to previous gathering will know. I arrived there early as usual and helped out linkinstreet with his purchasing of 20 nos of 1901’s hotdogs which was ordered by other members. I sat there with him and leeched all the animu, and toku series that I asked him to buy.

After 1 p.m., wanvader arrived and after that people like RangerKarl, Czero, Oyaji and Steno also arrived at the meeting area. And then Exiled_Gundam paid a surprised visit to the gathering which we were quite surprised to see him. Veteran yafex couldn’t make it because he had to meet with his father. So, we sat there, exchanging(?) files with each other.

Around 3 p.m., linkinstreet departed to the cinema along with Oyaji and Steno to watch Johnny Depp’s film, Public Enemies. The rest of us continue to entertain ourselves with the free WiFi, and animu. After 5 p.m., shah_ho_nam, Eccenterial, and ultimaweaponx arrived since they said that they are going to be late.

At 6 p.m., the gathering was over but shah_ho_nam suggested that we go to A&W for an October Fest which is quite strange because it is July. For the sake of pure randomness, I agreed. We went there and have a hell of blast drinking root beer since we can’t drink beer. It was fun and such. We did many crazy things such as me wearing a Japanese bandana with a flu mask, shah_ho_nam carried around his Guitar Hero’s guitar and wanvader wears a German helmet.

We went separate ways around 9 p.m., I said my goodbyes and I hope that they would hold another gathering like this.


Bon Odori 2009

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

I went to Bon Odori festival last Saturday which is located at Stadium Masushita in Shah Alam. Like always, this kind of festival tends to attract many people. So as a precaution I went there earlier with my friend, Musz. We arrived there before 5 p.m., but there were many people there already and it’s only getting started.

Before our other friends would come, we went and loitering around the field to see what kind of food they were selling at their stalls. As usual, there were many Japanese foods everywhere since is a festival about their Japanese and such, I also noticed that they were selling beers (Asahi), and the foods and beverages are actually in a price that you usually found in airports, or places like KLCC. Luckily there is a vendor that sells Livita for only RM1. Lucky me.

The festival was nice and awesome since there was a performance of people playing the taiko (Japanese traditional drum) and dancing on the stage which is located in the middle of the field. I joined to dance with the crowds down below the stage with my friends. It was tiring but fun, I stopped after dancing for like 45 minutes later.

During the events, I got the chance to meet three of my seniors which was surprised to see me there. I told them that I usually come for events such as this. We talked and they told me that if there were such event as this, make sure to invite them the next time. I only laughed a little because during my time in college, I usually get fucked up by people in my group just because my hobbies are different then theirs.

Around 10 p.m., after finishing camwhoring and taking pictures with each others, we said goodbyes to our friends and departed home. The sad part during this thing is when I saw the condition of the stadium which is as usual, is filled with garbage. People littered everywhere. It is seems so unlikely. I thought being to a place where people were educated enough, they would have the right common sense of to no litter but I was proven wrong. Apparently, being in a high educated people lost their common sense in all things. Which is a bother. Not to mention I managed to see a lot of underage kids were drunk and had their friends to carried them because they couldn’t even walk straight.

How could this happen? Seriously, why can’t people have a decent common sense inside of them? Alas, this is what most people would say about Malaysia; Even though most denied of something because of different races, we are united in doing something negative i.e. littering. Other than that, I would like all of you to think about it.


Only 5 p.m. yet there are many people

Around 6 p.m. people are coming

I saw a Japanese family having a picnic here. :D

Some people have to sit down on the track.

The condition after the festival.
Dust storms... Spoiled the picture.

Garbage are everywhere.

Aoshi_88: Bon Odor
wanvader: Bon Hadhari
wolfx: Bone All Loli

Thursday, July 16, 2009

She’s Just Not Into You

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

During this week, my mother goes and performs her ‘umrah’ in Mekah while my sister went to Johor for her job interview. Well, actually I lived with my sister. So, technically, I’m home alone. Desperate to find some entertainment and to kill my boredom, I asked a few of my friends to hang out at Mamak’s which only 3 agreed.

So, we head out to some Mamak Stall which is located at Wangsa Maju during midnight time. We sat and chat about old stuffs like previous school, what are you doing now, yadda, yadda, yadda. It is all the average talks that you usually have with your friends that sort of stuffs.

Suddenly, this group of girls sat right beside the table where we are at. It’s the usual typical girls that you usually found. Bouncy boobs, wears skimpy outfit, that type. The three of my moronic friends couldn’t help it but to stare at them (while covering that they aren’t, that is). I did managed to catch a glimpse but then lost interest as they are the type of girls you usually found everywhere.

As I continue sipping my ‘teh tarik’, my friends noticed that I wasn’t actually looking at the girls beside us. He asked me;”Dude, aren’t you gonna check that chicks out? They are totally hot.” Which I replied,”Nah, been there done that. Not my type anyway.” Then the three of them stared at me with this awkward looks. They were like, “Seriously man, being in Dungun for a long time made you lost interest into fine and attractive ladies.”

I told them which part of them that made them attractive? The skimpy outfit? Their figure? To me all of that doesn’t matter much. I told them that this sort of girls tend to be shallow and a gold-digger which they doesn’t care much about you, they just want you moolah. I wonder why guys really like to go out with girls like that. They know that the girls only want what’s in their pocket. Why would go out? Normally, I usually like this sort of girls. But unfortunately, I’ve seen the light. I’ve been dumped by girls like that for like over 10 times already. And I usually got over it and move on. Meh… What’s the big deal? I told myself that ‘She’s just not into you. So, move along…’

For me, I don’t care. I'm not that good looking. Not handsome. Not macho. Not dandy. Sometimes I even think myself as the unattractive guy in Malaysia. So I don't care about my partner appearance. Don't care even if she is taller than me or shorter than me. Even if she’s plain looking or doesn't wears makeup (which I think some girls shouldn't). Even if she’s got a scar on her face (which suprisingly really turns me on……). Don’t ask me why but I love girls who have scars on her body. Fetish? All that matters are she understands me and understands her. She respects my hobbies and she likes me the way I am and vice versa. Not to mention that she have a nice smile and smiles a lot. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get a hot supermodel as my girlfriend. All I want is a girl who I can have a click with. Someone that I can talk to. Chemistry matters in a relationship. If you don’t have that with your partner, then it will not be long.

But then again, most of the relationship that I’ve been with, I’m the one that screwed it up. Either it is intentionally or unintentionally. Who am I to kid? I’m not good with girls. I tend to speak something in my mind out loud. I don’t like waiting and I especially don’t like someone to be late. People really think it is inconsiderate of me for walking off but it’s her fault that made me wait for 1 hour like an idiot. If she have something to take care of, just call or something. But in the end, she’ll always make you look like the guilty one. But I don’t care. At least I got my family with me.

In the end, all of the things don’t matter. If God want you two to be together and you shall but if not, better keep on searching. Don’t give me this bullshit about waiting for the right one. God will not help those who doesn’t help themselves. If you want something, you better earned it. Kapisch? Well, I am still single at the moment and currently enjoying it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *sigh* I really wish I have someone I could spend my times with. Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen for the next few months.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Good, The Evil and The Fool

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Apparently something happened during the event of DaiCon in Cyberjaya that had caused a rage trollz in the internet. Some guy from a forum which I usually went stole a famous (?) voice actor a.k.a. seiyuu, Chihara Minori's mineral water bottle that she drank during her stage performance during the event. Usually I would go and stated; that is not my problem if that guy even want to steals her panties whatsoever because I don't know shit about that voice actor. All I know that she was the one that became Nagato Yuki's (from The Melancholy Suzumiya Haruhi) voice actor which I by the way doesn't get it with all the hype about that show.

Anyway, it would be fine if he would keep quite about what he's going to do about that bottle. Unfortunately he did something stupid. He posted on his blog about what he actually did to the bottle (which he drank it using the straw that Minori used). In response there were some cheering comments and of course there will be flaming comments about the act that he did. Then a friend of his or someone that know him posted what he thinks about the act in his blog. The friend wrote that he thinks that the act was foolishly foolhardy act and just plain dumb (something like that...).

The story then went to a quite famous (?) internet website with the fellow otas and then the story spread like wildfire. The website quoted the story from the friend's blog story and eventually everyone from other country noticed the act that the guy had done. Because of the website quoted the story from the friend's blog, some (?) of the fellow forummers blamed him for this (sorta...). Which in my case, it shouldn't be because it was the guy who first handedly wrote the stupid thing he did inside his own blog. The friend just commented on what the guy did was wrong.

The problem about this because of this, other people started to think bad about this country. Which is might cause a problem in the future. It was hard enough for fellow otas to defend their rights to watch animu, reading mango without being labeled as childish and being called perverts just because collected some figurines. Now we had to deal with this sort of stuff? What happened if some local newspaper (you know which paper I'm talking about) stumbled on the article that he wrote on his blog and wrote news about it? Did he even take that into consideration?

If the otas want newspapers to stop writing stupid things about their life, then stopped feeding them with something that is stupid like this! Not to mention that most people tend to judge the community based on some people's attitude. If one person made something stupid it is assumed that the community is filled with stupid people. Call this a rant or whatever you want. I'm just tired of hearing bad stuffs about the otas.

I don’t know either the guy was caught up on the hype during the event or was dared by his friend or simply did it because he wants to, but to write about it inside your own blog is something you shouldn’t do. Which in this case, it is too late because the thing had already spread. Alas, we are human and human are prone to make mistakes like this. Which I hope in the future, the guy will think carefully if he want to do something.

Oh yeah, to the forummer in the forum actually claimed that the friend had sold his friend off which in my case he hasn't. It is like what in the Imam Bukhari's hadith that said something like this; Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam once said, "Help your brothers either he is doing something good or bad." A man asked, "Rasulullah , how do I help my brothers if he is doing something bad?" Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam answered, "You help him by stopping him by doing something bad. That is how you help him."

This hadith stated that a true friend would tell his friend to stop doing something bad because he is a true friend and concerned about his friend but a friend that only watch or does nothing while his friend is doing something bad couldn't possibly be considered as a true friend. Like a tabligh friend of mine always said; to critic doesn't mean to oppose, to agree doesn't mean to support, to admonish doesn't mean to despise, and to have different opinion is like to have a great friend. However this is the era where everything will turn upside down.


Monday, July 13, 2009

DaiCon Cyberjaya

The event just finished yesterday. And like some events in Malaysia they had something pro and con about it. DaiCon is one of them. This is just my overall opinion on the event itself.

1- The Space. It was spacious, so I could walks around the Grand Hall without any complication. No wonder they called it the 'GRAND' Hall.
2- The Fee. It was free! ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE! Meh... I was happy that they didn't charge fee for the entrance fee therefore would make that outsiders might want to come inside to see what is an Animu, Mango, Gamu Convention feels like. By outsiders I meant the people that are not into this sort of stuffs.
3- The Doujin Booth Fee. So I heard like they only like ask to pay the rent for like RM100++. I was like surprised. It was quite cheap for me.
4- The Doujin Booths. Have plenty of doujin booths but I didn't actually buy anything because too busy taking pictures.
5- The Hall Floorplan. The floorplan was okay. Wasn't too messy and people could walks around without any restriction.

1- The Maid Cafe. When I first heard that they gonna make a Maid Cafe I was like ZOMGHAPPYDAYISMYFAVORITETHEMESONG but when I actually went inside it I was like facepalm.jpg. I am in the hospitality industry and I know how real cafe should look like but somehow it felt like it is more like a cafeteria than a cafe.
2- No Information Counter. Some parents were asking the booths near the entrance what this event is all about and some other things regarding the event. The management should take in consideration about the parents that are coming with their children to this convention. They want to know what their children is really up to. And some of the people in the booths doesn't have the time to entertain them which might caused a negative impression.
3- The Time Management. Somehow I felt that the time management was way off. Why can't you just announce the name of the winner of the cosplay competition the same day if the result can be produce within the same period of time.
4- The 'Blackup'. This is the most fucked up thing ever in the event. People were actually browsing the merchandises at the doujin booths but suddenly there is no light which cause the people lost their interest and left because they couldn't see shit! Sure the event is about Minorin but please take into consideration that there are people that doesn't know who the hell Minorin is and couldn't afford to buy the ticket.

Other than that, I think you guys made an AWSM event if I could think of. It just need some few things to take into consideration.