Saturday, June 16, 2007

Every One Peace!

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

I’m going all broke right now. Ya ha!! I’m cutting my comic money by simply downloading the comic from the internet. But it’s hard to find Marvel or DC comic in the internet. I guess I’ve to buy those Spider-Man and Batman comic books. Arrgghh!! The boredom is killing me. Don’t have works to do and no money in my pocket. What to do? I guess I’ve to resort to other route. Maybe I could find a job at some restaurant nearby. Shishishishi~

But seriously, I’ve tried to find job but seems unavailable at the moment. Maybe because of the ex-SPM takers are on the loose to look for jobs. They got there before I did. Bah! Its okay I guess. I will try to find another job. I really hate people that talk big but didn’t do it. They then will give excuses for not doing the thing. Stated that want to do this and that but in the end none. Nothing at all. You're talking the talk but you ain't walking the walk man.

It’s true that those with too much power they fall down in history. Because when with too much power, people will lose sense of their own common sense. They will be clouded with their own lust for more power and not thinking of anyone else. They will think that they are right all the time while other people make mistakes. Not being able to take criticism or opinions. Well, it’s their funeral.

Alas, I’m as a human being can’t escape from the fact that I will also make some mistakes in my life. All that good came from Allah S.W.T. while the wrong came from me. That is how we can improve ourselves. Till then, Yo ho ho ho!


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