Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favorite Marvel and DC Characters

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

I've been a fan of this two comic franchises since I was a kid. Even though the one that I read mostly consisted of Spider-Man, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Punisher, and Ms. Marvel, I still consider some of the other characters in this two series are somewhat cool also.

Here is the list of my favorite characters in this two series. Consisted of super powered humans, mutants, anti-hero, hero, villains and others.

MarvelSpider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) - Well, of course. This is my favorite Marvel Superhero. He is smart, witty, chatterbox, not to mention loyal. Doesn't my blog name already gave it away?

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) - For super-heroine, she is my favorite. She is strong, and the same time she is quite smexy and alluring. Did I ever mentioned she has feelings for Spidey?

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) - Nicknamed The Merc with Mouth. He is the character that managed to break the 4th Wall barrier. His witty remarks and comments are actually based on meme on the internet. You like chimichanga?

Wolverine (James 'Logan' Howlett) - The animal. For X-Men, he is my favorite (not that much). He's hairy, somewhat invincible, can heal fast not to mention had scored so many ladies even though he is hairy. Did I mentioned he has a son with a Japanese girl?

The Punisher (Frank Castle) - He is The Punisher. He punished all the wrongdoers. My favorite kind of anti-hero. Even though he had no superpowers, he managed to take down a few super-powered humans with his military training and tactical skills.

Human Torch (Johnny Storm) - He is Spidey's most trusted friend and rival. Even though is street smart, he is somewhat cool. He might be brash, idiotic, immature but you can always rely on him. He is not the first to use the codename Human Torch.
Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom) - For villain, he is my favorite. Smart, cunning, great tactical skills and above all loyal to his country.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) - Possessed by an ethereal entity name Zatharos, he roams around looking for people with a great amount of sins and judge them. What I like about him is his cool motorcycle.

Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) - Even though he is Jewish, I like him because of his personalities. He is strong, his willpower is overwhelming, not to mention even though he is an enemy to Xavier, he still helps him when trouble arises.

Venom / Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock) - Venom had always be my favorite anti-hero character. He is misunderstood, trying to save people from trouble. All he wants was Spidey to die! After Brand New Day, he returns as Anti-Venom which kinda cool since I think the new Venom (McGargan) is shitty.

DC ComicsBatman (Bruce Wayne) - A billionaire, a martial artist, a flamboyant man, he is the caped crusader of Gotham City. Even though his cold demeanor, he is a nice person and a loyal friend not to mention a great teacher.

Power Girl (Kara Zor-L / Karen Starr) - She is Superman's cousin from another universe, Earth-Two. She possessed all Superman's superpowers. Do I really need to state why I like her?

Nightwing (Richard 'Dick' Grayson) - The son of the Flying Graysons. The first Robin. He is witty and a chatterbox just like Spider-Man. After being fired by Batman as Robin, he returns with his own mantle as Nightwing. He is a member of the Teen Titans which he led when he is needed.

 Robin (Timothy Drake) - He is the 3rd Robin. He is strong and have a great leadership skills which was proven when he led the Teen Titans. He is now goes by the name of Red Robin.

Superboy (Kon-El / Conner Kent) - The clone of Superman, he possessed all of Superman's traits. Tim Drake's best friend and Cassandra's (Wonder Girl) lover. He is the member of the Teen Titans. He sacrificed his life to stop Superboy-Prime but apparently survived.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) - The 2nd Robin. After being killed by the Joker, he is thrown inside the Lazarus Pit and was revived. He returns as the Red Hood, a persona which the Joker had used in his past. He is ruthless and a killing machine.

Joker - Real name unknown. Origin unknown. He is a sadistically maniac who goes around killing people for the sake of fun. He likes to take credits for those crimes that he committed. He is the whole reason why I hates Ronald McDonald.

Raven (Rachel Roth) - A black magic user. She is a mysterious girl. In love with Dick Grayson which caused him his marriage to Koriand'r (Starfire). She is also a member of the Teen Titans.

Superboy-Prime (Kal-El / Clark Kent) - He is the counterpart of Superman. Originated from Earth-Prime, he is the most powerful Super character. Much more stronger than Superman himself. It take the entire Justice League, Teen Titans and other superheroes to take him down.

I have several characters that I hated in this two comic franchises which I shall post it later on.

Monday, January 03, 2011

What A Year

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Yesterday, I was happy as my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl who they named Aisyah Illisnul Nafhah. I was filled with joy because God had given me a new niece after He had given me two (handful) nephews.

Today, I was filled with sadness as Wan Muhammad Arif, one of my best friends, ex-secondary schoolmate from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail, Kemaman, had passed away yesterday due to a traffic accident near Geliga, Kemaman.

He was better known as Bender. I will never forget him, i will never forget the mischievous stuffs that we usually did with Amir Imran, Afiq Affendy and Khizan.

Goodbye Bender. You will be missed.


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Another year has passed and come forth a new one. As people embrace 2011, it is a new year and with new hope but apparently some old habits are still the same as the previous years. Nothing changes just hearing the same ol' same ol' 'What I want to change this year...' kind of stuff.