Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Professor Layton X Ace Attorney

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

I really couldn't believe this news! Level 5, creator of the famous detective Prof. Layton has announced that they will do a crossover with Capcom's ace attorney Naruhodo Ryuichi (Phoenix Wright in the west) in an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Currently known only as “Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney”, the real title will be created by Gyakuten Saiban’s creator Takumi Shuu. The story will be set in a medieval era, and will involve witches and also “puzzles with contradiction”, according to Level 5.

How Phoenix got to that time line, I'm not entirely sure but apparently he is defending a girl that had been accused of being a witch by Professor Layton.

I personally would love to play this game since I'm a big fan of Ace Attorney series.


Satria – The Warriors of the 7 Elements

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Apparently, Gonzo and Malaysia Animation Studio will do a collaboration in making an animation series of the Epic of Hang Tuah.

The new project will be called Satria – The Warriors of the 7 Elements. Slated for fall 2012, it will have 24 episodes, and will be directed by the aforementioned Kitakubo-san who also directed the anime series Blood: The Last Vampire. Don’t expect this to be a high octane, full of stereotype Japanese anime cliche however, as it’s targeted to young teens aged between 9 to 14.

Apparently the antagonist inside this animation will be the 7 Siluman. And apparently this venture was announced way back in 2007, and was in Funcel’s website. Hmmm... Waiting for a long time apparently. 6 years in progress.

Personally, my ideal of an hero would be Hang Jebat since he believes in friendship and trust unlike Hang Tuah which only follow orders without questioning them. Sadly the voice acting recruiting was opened to popular artists. I want to do voice acting for Hang Jebat. \(╬ ಠ益ಠ)/