Friday, June 15, 2007

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Isn’t it ironic of these world have turned into? I mean sometimes something can be derailed from its main objective after a few years. The best example is the parties that are in our country. UMNO’s main objective was supposedly to be helping the people for the better life but now it actually more to pleasing their own members’ life. For the last 20 years, Dr. Mahathir had been standing up for our country in the Western countries. Yet, after he stepped down from his position, most people criticize him. Why can’t we do like what Singapore did when their own minister stepped down from his position? They made him as the country’s advisor. Why can’t we do that to Dr. Mahathir?

As history itself clearly proclaims that the Malay only strong when they are actually fighting among themselves. Ah yes, on how the Malays can be in cahoots with the British just to fight among themselves just to satisfy their lust for power and money. It actually happened in Naning, Klang and some other places. Why? Because we are greedy. We only think of ourselves not other. We like to use people as the stepping stones to moves up to the sky. We like to see other people suffer than to feel it ourselves. We will forget about the people who once helped us in achieving what we have achieved today. People will eventually forget about the great things the person had done to them. Hey, a person who doesn’t know about his history will eventually repeat the history again. But remember that if you receive a little kindness, give them a large serving.

Come to think about it, why the government keeps on sucking our money from us. Why can’t they suck other countries’ money? Looks at Germany, they give 40% off for their local cars to their own countrymen but sell them with the usual price to other countries. Instead, our country gives the benefits to the other countries and leeches the money from their own countrymen. What’s up with that? They said for making the revenue higher but can’t they take other countries’ money instead of us? Alas, I’m just a nobody. I would like take the blame in joining you in doing absolutely nothing. That's all, I’m signing off.


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