Friday, June 15, 2007

True School

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Seeing the school kids going to school everyday in front of my house reminds me off my schooldays. I envy them for having nothing big to be worried about. No bills to be paid, no need to work to obtain money and so on. But then, the school kids are eager to grow up to become adults. I guess it is true that people said that people will not be satisfied in whatever state they are. They will eventually regrets something when it already in the past. That is why school children, remember this; Listen to the teachers, learn the golden rule, learn your roots and culture and be true to yourselves. Once the time is already gone, it will not comeback. Take this advice from me, the person that is regretting for his past schooldays. Sure, homework sucks, teacher bites, rules are ridiculous but imagine of actually not knowing what to do in the future later on. Stay cool kids, stay in school.

Also remember that when you obtain knowledge, don’t get cocky with it. Share it with other people. Everybody have their own abilities in some aspects. Don’t be ignorant and stingy with your knowledge. I’m good with my cooking skills but I’m not stingy with my knowledge. I would never look down on people that doesn’t know how to cook instead I will teach them all I know about cooking if I got the chance. People like to boast about their talents that they are forgetting that they also lacking in other aspect just like other people. Like ‘Oooh.. I’m so good with my computer while you’re not. Boo hooo hooo... You are an idiot.’ Don’t be that, that is they way morons would act because they know that they doesn’t have other talents than their own special skills. That is the real piece of thrash.

This is all that I can write for now. Always remember that immature fruit is sour... producing immature fights. Thank you and have a nice day.


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