Monday, June 11, 2007

Three Third Sequels

Spiderman 3

-Way to go intoducing venom in the final half hour of the movie and killing him. Venom was a pussssssy! He didnt even try going after spiderman by himself first. DEAR GOD! WHY!? I just kept hoping for something cool to happen.
-Dancing? In a superhero movie? No thanks.
-Downright laughable lines. I was laughing at the lines, not the movie.
-Plot hole here and there...
-Spider-Man teaming up with the "New Goblin"... This isnt Batman. There iss a reason Spider-Man works alone and its to avoid stupid one liners.
-Raimi could have just said "I don't like Spider-Man" instead of blowing 250 million on this.
-On a side note.....Bruce Cambell owns. His cameo made me happy.

Pirates of Carribean 3: At The World's End

-Will's death was pointless and anticlimactic as was Norrington's, Sao Feng's and Governor Swann's. Even Beckett's very well produced death was made moot by the fact that he had ZERO character development.
-Pointless action in the movie.
-Somewhat this movie is too damn long that made me feel bored looking at it. Luckily, there was the witty Jack Sparrow.

Shrek The Third

-Too short; one and half hour.
-Repeated jokes and used ones.
-What happened to Shrek? Since when he cared about others?

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