Monday, June 11, 2007

Mad Season

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Aaaahh... For the past few days I didn't do anything but to do nothing at all. Well, I did help my friend carrying his stocks to his shop and I go for my friend's wedding. But to be honest, I'm quite lazy these days. With nothing to do, I even woke up late. Been watching too many movies lately. I have watched Platoon, Little Nicky, Pirate's of the Caribbean trilogy, The Mask of Zorro and so on and so on. I think most of the movies I have watched. Want to catch up with all the movies that I have missed for the few months in the hostel.

Still wasn't able to find a job. Most to them doesn't need any kitchen people. Drat, curses. I seriously need some loo right now. Those scallywags. I've been spending a lot of money in the past few months that I didn't even have enough money for the holiday. Arrrgghhh!! Spent it on assignments and some works. Damn you! Daaaaaaaaaamn yooooooooou!! If only I were richer or have a job right now. Aaaah... Let's pray to God that I will not do desperate things to get some money.

My sister said that my new haircut looks like a Mohawk. Maybe it does. Kind of reminded me of David Spade in his movie; Meet Joe Dirt. Talking about marriage, two of my fellow friends got married. Hah, one is we surely thought that he will get married eventually while the other one took us by surprised in getting married. Either way, Godspeed for those two. Hope that their relationship can stand until the end. Shishishishshishi....

If I were going to get married, I want to have a simple wedding. Maybe just the 'akad nikah' only. For the wedding ceremony? I think I want to invite close family and close friends. Yeah, I am cheap. I hate wasting my money in something like this. Hey, it's not cheap to do a wedding ceremony, you know. I've been into Hotel Management and Cooking, so I know the cost for everything. My friend wedding's cost him nearly RM25, 000. Wow! Just the ceremony not the dowry. But I don't know if I were rich in the future, there might be a grand wedding. Who knows...?

Today, my sister and I adopt a cat. We called her M.J. I will post her pictures later on. Until then drink up, mateys!


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