Friday, June 08, 2007

We Are Who We Are

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

A knife can only bring happiness when used in cooking. That is why I want to learn how to cook. So that I don’t have to depends on other people in cooking. Even tho it might not bring happiness to other people but it made me happy. People often like to think about what other people think about them that they are forgetting to be themselves. They seem to like to be somebody else rather than themselves just to hide who they are. I’ve learn my lesson when I dealt with this type of people.

Yes, I admit that I enjoy watching Hindustani movies, I cry in most touching scenes, and I will get offensive if someone said something bad about my religion. I once debated with a moronic American in an instant messenger about the insulting caricature of The Prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. He claimed that the Muslims were being overreacting about the issue. That it was not a big deal. I told him that it was a big deal and we, the Muslims respect The Prophet very much. Then he said that people made fun of Jesus Christ but the Christians never do anything. I backfire and said that the jokes about Jesus Christ were made by the fellow Christians themselves while the caricature was not made by the Muslims by the non-Muslims. Some nerves he has by saying that.

But hey, he is from America, where most of all things are legal, even same sex marriage. So there, as some of the fellow Muslims in Malaysia remain quite while other only blabbers in some local forums on how injustice about the thing, other Muslims from other country was actually trying to seek justice about it. And yet still been labeled as overreacting action which was also said by a fellow Muslims itself. Ironic isn’t it?

To put matter worst, some of the Muslims that I know even stated that being too strict with Islamic belief will make you get left behind by the society. I’ve wrote this in my last post. In his post, he wrote something that sounds like by being with Islamic belief, we will get left behind. But hey, Islam never discourages its worshipers from being modern. It just that don’t get too caught up with the flow that you are forgetting the roots, that’s all. But these people get too caught up with the world that they are forgetting about the roots. All of the things that are illegal in Islam are legal to them and an okay. Their motto is; You don’t bother us, we don’t you. Go ahead and do whatever you like.

Also get this, every time you try to advice a Malay Muslim, he will said something like this; If you want to preach others, make sure you have the full knowledge first. Hey, does that means that everyone are not worthy of giving an advice? Cool… A person also said that; It is like a doctor giving advice on how to repair a car. Keep me wondering; What if the doctor does know how to repair the car than the mechanic? In this world anything can happen. Everyone is rushing to gain more knowledge which is unlimited. You can never satisfy your needs for knowledge because it will never be. I am a cook but I know how to repair stuff, I know about computers, I know about a lot of stuff.

My advice for these type of person, try to take some advice from everyone. If you kept on looking down to other person just because you think you have gained more knowledge than them, then you are the one that will loose. Sometimes you never know what knowledge that other person has. It never kills to just listen on what the other person said to you. That's all.


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