Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Being Born As A Muslim


Today, I cut my hair because my friend told me my hair was messy. Wooarrghh! I cut my hair! In mid term break! Even worse, it cost me 9 bucks! Ha ha ha ha ha..... But cut to the case.. I'm going to preach about some important matter.

After seeing what happens to most of my converted Muslims cousin that aren't from the original Muslim family made me feel glad that I was born as a Muslim. You see, several days ago, a girl who I knew, converted into Islam without her parents and family knowing about it. She is 24 years old and really nice. What happened was, her family knows about it and guess what they did? They locked her up, drugged her and tortured her for 3 days. We manage to save her from her OWN family.

Is it that bad to be a Muslim in the eyes of the non-Muslims? Yes, I know we as the Malay Muslims in Malaysia aren't being a very good example to them. Most of the crimes in this country was committed by the so called Malay Muslims. We do as we please even tho it is against our own religion belief. That girl's father even said that he rather her daughter to convert into other religion other than Islam. If not, he would rather kill her himself. Shocking isn't it? Surely the cases of women abused in marriage was done by the Malay Muslims. That is why we get the different looks by the non-Muslims.

We want to be too modern that we forget everything. We drink alcohol, we have pre-marital sex, in fact we did everything we could just that we become modern. Heck, even I heard someone in a local forum claimed that by going back to roots of Islam, you are being left behind by the society, not going with the flow and not thinking outside the box. We are too obsessed with other people think about us that we are forgetting about what Allah S.W.T. think about us, the Muslims. Remember, we are Muslims, we should remember that. No matter what happens, we should retain our Islam dignity.

Sure you can call me thrash or anything. Heck.. Even I know that someone will talk bad about me after this but it's okay. Like what my friend said; No matter what happen, always believe that Allah S.W.T. is always with you. Sure you can say that nowadays, it is okay for women not to wear their hijab, it is okay to to follow the westerners' wrong way of living, but you all know that it is wrong and you can't run away from it forever.

For the things that people committed, they are beginning to love this world way to much that they are forgetting about Allah S.W.T. love. If you truly believe in Allah S.W.T. and love Rasulullah S.A.W., try not forget about Islam.

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