Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Case of Ace Attorney 5 Announced

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A few days ago, Capcom has confirmed Ace Attorney 5 is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The next installment of the courtroom drama was announced earlier this year, but the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed the game's intended platform. The article also revealed that Phoenix Wright will return as this game's main protagonist, alongside a new female partner.

Ace Attorney 5 marks the return of Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist of the series since the original trilogy. The game takes place one year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the events of which cleared Wright's name of the circumstances behind his disbarment and allowed him to regain his job. The plot has a darker theme than previous games in the series, in accordance with Phoenix's warning in Turnabout Trump, "A dark time is coming for our legal system. We have to set it right." In the first case of the game, he takes on Wiston Payne's younger brother in the case of a high school girl who are accused of planting a bomb to destroy one of the courtrooms at the District Court.

 Phoenix Wright returns as the Defense Attorney

I was quite happy to see a continuation of this franchise after been waiting for a sequel for quite some times. I have a love/hate feelings towards Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game because Phoenix being a supporting character only, not the main one. But apparently in this new game, Phoenix will return as the main character with new looks albeit the blue themed suit.

What surprised me is Maya Fey isn't in the new installment which she had been replaced by a new character. The female helper's name haven't been reveal yet by Capcom and only know that she has a great drive to win, distinguishing her from Maya. Her details are to be announce in Tokyo Game Show 2012.

The game looks to continue the style of gameplay from previous installments, in which the player must utilize evidence and find contradictions in witness statements to prove their client innocent. A new system, which focuses on the psychological side of cases, gives Wright the ability to gauge the emotions of a witness.

Capcom have also announced the game will see a release in North America and Europe, which they had planned since about two years before the game was featured in Famitsu.

I can't wait for this game to be release and translate to English since I've been playing Ace Attorney games since the first installment. I'm hoping that there will be a lot of recurring characters from the Ace Attorney series.


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