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Avengers VS X-Men: My Take

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This time I'm going to talk about Marvel's latest big arc which is Avengers VS X-Men. Previously you had seen superheroes being pitted against each other during Civil War and Secret Invasion. Now, Marvel Comics present to you an arc where Avengers will fight against X-Men. 

As you know, X-Men is a group of mutants that were created by Charles Xavier which is you know that they are consisted of mutant superheroes, but Avengers is a group of superheroes that were created by the superheroes themselves which we are unable to determine which one are on the Avengers' side or the X-Men's. But apparently Wolverine is on the Avengers' even though he is one of the X-Men. The readers again being asked which sides are they stand on.

The story starts when Nova, one of the Galactic Heroes, came crashing to Earth, warning the Avengers of the incoming threat which is The Phoenix. The Phoenix is coming for Earth in order to search for its next host which is Hope Summers of the New Mutant that came from the future (read Cable's stories for this one). The X-Men however now are divided to two factions which are Cyclops' Faction (Uncanny X-Men) and Wolverine's Faction (Wolverine and the X-Men). Hope Summers is with the Cyclops' Faction apparently, undergoing training by Cyclops.

While the Avengers are afraid that the Phoenix might come for Hope in order to destroy the Earth, Cyclops on the other hand were thinking that this would be a great chance to turn the tide to keep muntantkind from being extinct after all of them were being depowered after the House of M event. Like the douchebag he already is, he's denying the fact that the Phoenix powers only would bring destruction and death as what being pointed out by Magneto, by telling him that it is also brings rebirth. Thus assuming that he wanted to eradicated all living things on Earth so that it could be rebirth to a new and better world.

Captain America came to Genosha to talk with Cyclops to tell the X-Men to give them Hope in order to prevent further destruction that will occur when the Phoenix arrives. Cyclops, unable to acknowledge this, attacks Cap. Cap then gives the order for the Avengers to attack and take Hope Summers by force.

As the story continues, seeing the Avengers fighting against the X-Men, something unusual happened as Hope Summers rejected the Phoenix's powers. And to much surprised (Well.. Technically it's not a pretty much of a surprise to me), the Phoenix attach itself to the five members of the Uncanny X-Men which are Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus, and Magik.

This is technically a 'What the frak' moment for some people since unable to compute with this kind of development. Seriously, Namor? A water based mutant having the Phoenix's powers which is a fire based powers. Well, we have seen other superheroes being the Hulk (World War Hulks), being Asgardians (Fear Itself) and being Spider-Man (Spider Island), now we see 5 mutants being the Phoenix. And apparently they called themselves the Phoenix Five.

They soon uses their powers to eradicate all the Avengers but at the same time showing the world how their powers can be used for good. Unfortunately, like what Magneto had already warned them, the Phoenix's powers tend to corrupts its host. Unable to withstand the great power, they succumbed to the darkness and their own anger and hatred. 

In this arc, Spider-Man plays a somewhat important role. He advises Hope regarding on his philosophy of 'With great power comes great responsibility'.

And like usual, he always crack several jokes on several occasion on Hope which was a small references to the Karate Kid.

And not to mentioned using wits which spared him the time needed for the rest of the Avengers to come back to save him and caused a rupture in Colossus and Magik's sibling relationship.

With that little comment, both of them went against each other instantly.

So far on what I've heard regarding on the ending of this arc that they are going to combine both the Avengers and the X-Men into one group where will be called the Uncanny Avengers. It is implied that after this arc, Cyclops will be in a somewhat comatose state due to the fact of him unable to control the Phoenix's power. Cap were doing this so that humans and mutants can work together to achieve peace after the words of Cyclops rings in his head where Cap didn't do enough to help the mutantkind and only focused on helping the humankind.

Uncanny Avengers is being scheduled to debut October 3, 2012.


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