Thursday, July 16, 2009

She’s Just Not Into You

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

During this week, my mother goes and performs her ‘umrah’ in Mekah while my sister went to Johor for her job interview. Well, actually I lived with my sister. So, technically, I’m home alone. Desperate to find some entertainment and to kill my boredom, I asked a few of my friends to hang out at Mamak’s which only 3 agreed.

So, we head out to some Mamak Stall which is located at Wangsa Maju during midnight time. We sat and chat about old stuffs like previous school, what are you doing now, yadda, yadda, yadda. It is all the average talks that you usually have with your friends that sort of stuffs.

Suddenly, this group of girls sat right beside the table where we are at. It’s the usual typical girls that you usually found. Bouncy boobs, wears skimpy outfit, that type. The three of my moronic friends couldn’t help it but to stare at them (while covering that they aren’t, that is). I did managed to catch a glimpse but then lost interest as they are the type of girls you usually found everywhere.

As I continue sipping my ‘teh tarik’, my friends noticed that I wasn’t actually looking at the girls beside us. He asked me;”Dude, aren’t you gonna check that chicks out? They are totally hot.” Which I replied,”Nah, been there done that. Not my type anyway.” Then the three of them stared at me with this awkward looks. They were like, “Seriously man, being in Dungun for a long time made you lost interest into fine and attractive ladies.”

I told them which part of them that made them attractive? The skimpy outfit? Their figure? To me all of that doesn’t matter much. I told them that this sort of girls tend to be shallow and a gold-digger which they doesn’t care much about you, they just want you moolah. I wonder why guys really like to go out with girls like that. They know that the girls only want what’s in their pocket. Why would go out? Normally, I usually like this sort of girls. But unfortunately, I’ve seen the light. I’ve been dumped by girls like that for like over 10 times already. And I usually got over it and move on. Meh… What’s the big deal? I told myself that ‘She’s just not into you. So, move along…’

For me, I don’t care. I'm not that good looking. Not handsome. Not macho. Not dandy. Sometimes I even think myself as the unattractive guy in Malaysia. So I don't care about my partner appearance. Don't care even if she is taller than me or shorter than me. Even if she’s plain looking or doesn't wears makeup (which I think some girls shouldn't). Even if she’s got a scar on her face (which suprisingly really turns me on……). Don’t ask me why but I love girls who have scars on her body. Fetish? All that matters are she understands me and understands her. She respects my hobbies and she likes me the way I am and vice versa. Not to mention that she have a nice smile and smiles a lot. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get a hot supermodel as my girlfriend. All I want is a girl who I can have a click with. Someone that I can talk to. Chemistry matters in a relationship. If you don’t have that with your partner, then it will not be long.

But then again, most of the relationship that I’ve been with, I’m the one that screwed it up. Either it is intentionally or unintentionally. Who am I to kid? I’m not good with girls. I tend to speak something in my mind out loud. I don’t like waiting and I especially don’t like someone to be late. People really think it is inconsiderate of me for walking off but it’s her fault that made me wait for 1 hour like an idiot. If she have something to take care of, just call or something. But in the end, she’ll always make you look like the guilty one. But I don’t care. At least I got my family with me.

In the end, all of the things don’t matter. If God want you two to be together and you shall but if not, better keep on searching. Don’t give me this bullshit about waiting for the right one. God will not help those who doesn’t help themselves. If you want something, you better earned it. Kapisch? Well, I am still single at the moment and currently enjoying it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *sigh* I really wish I have someone I could spend my times with. Unfortunately, that's not gonna happen for the next few months.


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alonq_exe said...

Maej, been a long time since i talked to you. Sorry that this might have nothing with the subject of your post.

I'm just glad to hear that ur mom went for umrah? Dont forget to send my regard to her.

Lama tak jumpa kau, duduk jauh dah.