Monday, July 20, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

I went to Bon Odori festival last Saturday which is located at Stadium Masushita in Shah Alam. Like always, this kind of festival tends to attract many people. So as a precaution I went there earlier with my friend, Musz. We arrived there before 5 p.m., but there were many people there already and it’s only getting started.

Before our other friends would come, we went and loitering around the field to see what kind of food they were selling at their stalls. As usual, there were many Japanese foods everywhere since is a festival about their Japanese and such, I also noticed that they were selling beers (Asahi), and the foods and beverages are actually in a price that you usually found in airports, or places like KLCC. Luckily there is a vendor that sells Livita for only RM1. Lucky me.

The festival was nice and awesome since there was a performance of people playing the taiko (Japanese traditional drum) and dancing on the stage which is located in the middle of the field. I joined to dance with the crowds down below the stage with my friends. It was tiring but fun, I stopped after dancing for like 45 minutes later.

During the events, I got the chance to meet three of my seniors which was surprised to see me there. I told them that I usually come for events such as this. We talked and they told me that if there were such event as this, make sure to invite them the next time. I only laughed a little because during my time in college, I usually get fucked up by people in my group just because my hobbies are different then theirs.

Around 10 p.m., after finishing camwhoring and taking pictures with each others, we said goodbyes to our friends and departed home. The sad part during this thing is when I saw the condition of the stadium which is as usual, is filled with garbage. People littered everywhere. It is seems so unlikely. I thought being to a place where people were educated enough, they would have the right common sense of to no litter but I was proven wrong. Apparently, being in a high educated people lost their common sense in all things. Which is a bother. Not to mention I managed to see a lot of underage kids were drunk and had their friends to carried them because they couldn’t even walk straight.

How could this happen? Seriously, why can’t people have a decent common sense inside of them? Alas, this is what most people would say about Malaysia; Even though most denied of something because of different races, we are united in doing something negative i.e. littering. Other than that, I would like all of you to think about it.


Only 5 p.m. yet there are many people

Around 6 p.m. people are coming

I saw a Japanese family having a picnic here. :D

Some people have to sit down on the track.

The condition after the festival.
Dust storms... Spoiled the picture.

Garbage are everywhere.

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