Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Good, The Evil and The Fool

Assalamualaikum/Peace Upon You

Apparently something happened during the event of DaiCon in Cyberjaya that had caused a rage trollz in the internet. Some guy from a forum which I usually went stole a famous (?) voice actor a.k.a. seiyuu, Chihara Minori's mineral water bottle that she drank during her stage performance during the event. Usually I would go and stated; that is not my problem if that guy even want to steals her panties whatsoever because I don't know shit about that voice actor. All I know that she was the one that became Nagato Yuki's (from The Melancholy Suzumiya Haruhi) voice actor which I by the way doesn't get it with all the hype about that show.

Anyway, it would be fine if he would keep quite about what he's going to do about that bottle. Unfortunately he did something stupid. He posted on his blog about what he actually did to the bottle (which he drank it using the straw that Minori used). In response there were some cheering comments and of course there will be flaming comments about the act that he did. Then a friend of his or someone that know him posted what he thinks about the act in his blog. The friend wrote that he thinks that the act was foolishly foolhardy act and just plain dumb (something like that...).

The story then went to a quite famous (?) internet website with the fellow otas and then the story spread like wildfire. The website quoted the story from the friend's blog story and eventually everyone from other country noticed the act that the guy had done. Because of the website quoted the story from the friend's blog, some (?) of the fellow forummers blamed him for this (sorta...). Which in my case, it shouldn't be because it was the guy who first handedly wrote the stupid thing he did inside his own blog. The friend just commented on what the guy did was wrong.

The problem about this because of this, other people started to think bad about this country. Which is might cause a problem in the future. It was hard enough for fellow otas to defend their rights to watch animu, reading mango without being labeled as childish and being called perverts just because collected some figurines. Now we had to deal with this sort of stuff? What happened if some local newspaper (you know which paper I'm talking about) stumbled on the article that he wrote on his blog and wrote news about it? Did he even take that into consideration?

If the otas want newspapers to stop writing stupid things about their life, then stopped feeding them with something that is stupid like this! Not to mention that most people tend to judge the community based on some people's attitude. If one person made something stupid it is assumed that the community is filled with stupid people. Call this a rant or whatever you want. I'm just tired of hearing bad stuffs about the otas.

I don’t know either the guy was caught up on the hype during the event or was dared by his friend or simply did it because he wants to, but to write about it inside your own blog is something you shouldn’t do. Which in this case, it is too late because the thing had already spread. Alas, we are human and human are prone to make mistakes like this. Which I hope in the future, the guy will think carefully if he want to do something.

Oh yeah, to the forummer in the forum actually claimed that the friend had sold his friend off which in my case he hasn't. It is like what in the Imam Bukhari's hadith that said something like this; Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam once said, "Help your brothers either he is doing something good or bad." A man asked, "Rasulullah , how do I help my brothers if he is doing something bad?" Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam answered, "You help him by stopping him by doing something bad. That is how you help him."

This hadith stated that a true friend would tell his friend to stop doing something bad because he is a true friend and concerned about his friend but a friend that only watch or does nothing while his friend is doing something bad couldn't possibly be considered as a true friend. Like a tabligh friend of mine always said; to critic doesn't mean to oppose, to agree doesn't mean to support, to admonish doesn't mean to despise, and to have different opinion is like to have a great friend. However this is the era where everything will turn upside down.


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saiful said...

read it, and i think that ppl just over-reacting over one mineral bottle~ xD well that guy is also over-reacting by posting in his blog. u_u