Monday, July 13, 2009

DaiCon Cyberjaya

The event just finished yesterday. And like some events in Malaysia they had something pro and con about it. DaiCon is one of them. This is just my overall opinion on the event itself.

1- The Space. It was spacious, so I could walks around the Grand Hall without any complication. No wonder they called it the 'GRAND' Hall.
2- The Fee. It was free! ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE! Meh... I was happy that they didn't charge fee for the entrance fee therefore would make that outsiders might want to come inside to see what is an Animu, Mango, Gamu Convention feels like. By outsiders I meant the people that are not into this sort of stuffs.
3- The Doujin Booth Fee. So I heard like they only like ask to pay the rent for like RM100++. I was like surprised. It was quite cheap for me.
4- The Doujin Booths. Have plenty of doujin booths but I didn't actually buy anything because too busy taking pictures.
5- The Hall Floorplan. The floorplan was okay. Wasn't too messy and people could walks around without any restriction.

1- The Maid Cafe. When I first heard that they gonna make a Maid Cafe I was like ZOMGHAPPYDAYISMYFAVORITETHEMESONG but when I actually went inside it I was like facepalm.jpg. I am in the hospitality industry and I know how real cafe should look like but somehow it felt like it is more like a cafeteria than a cafe.
2- No Information Counter. Some parents were asking the booths near the entrance what this event is all about and some other things regarding the event. The management should take in consideration about the parents that are coming with their children to this convention. They want to know what their children is really up to. And some of the people in the booths doesn't have the time to entertain them which might caused a negative impression.
3- The Time Management. Somehow I felt that the time management was way off. Why can't you just announce the name of the winner of the cosplay competition the same day if the result can be produce within the same period of time.
4- The 'Blackup'. This is the most fucked up thing ever in the event. People were actually browsing the merchandises at the doujin booths but suddenly there is no light which cause the people lost their interest and left because they couldn't see shit! Sure the event is about Minorin but please take into consideration that there are people that doesn't know who the hell Minorin is and couldn't afford to buy the ticket.

Other than that, I think you guys made an AWSM event if I could think of. It just need some few things to take into consideration.


saiful said...

i demand picturesss. zipzipzip.

ultimaweaponx said...

wheres the pics lol