Sunday, December 16, 2012

Big Bad Attitudes

Assalamualaikum / Peace be Upon You 

I was offered a part-time job last two weeks ago (6th December 2012) at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (More like a book bargain sale to me) for its Launch/Preview Day. The work is pretty much easy as we need to dressed up in our superhero's costume and be at the event from 9:30AM - 11:30AM. Since it's a pre-sale event and the actual opening for public is on the 7th, so we're eventually getting first dibs on the books that we want.


Basically, since it's work therefore I couldn't get any in-depth regarding it because I was in my Spider-Man costume for the whole time during the event. So, I only managed to get a few pictures from the Big Bad Wolf Facebook Page

The Owner (The Wolf) and The Red Reader Hood
The ribbon cutting ceremony
The Superheroes Squad
My friend as Gambit and me as Symbiote Spider-Man

For me, this is an awesome event since it gave chances to other avid book readers in Malaysia to actually buy the books that they like in a cheap price. When I mean cheap, I really do mean cheap. There are novels that being sold at the price of RM8.00 whereby the original price is around RM48.00. Not to mentioned several graphic novels being sold around RM15.00 to RM30.00 which the real price is around RM60.00 to RM140.00. When I meant bargain sale, I really do meant bargain sale.

I was actually in a dilemma during that moment when they were selling American comics at a much more expensive price than the Japanese comics. My mind was really conflicted, should I be happy because American comics are much more worthy than the Japanese comics or should I be sad because the Japanese comics are cheaper than the American comics. My best bet would be that American comics are in full colored, have good paper quality and not to mentioned some of them are in hardcover. 

Not only that the book sale attracts book lovers in Malaysia but apparently there are some scums that are also attracted to this. There are people that bought the all the stuffs that is sold cheap there and sell it at the normal price in the name of doing a legitimate business. There are also people that switch the price tags of the book they want with a cheaper one. Seriously, are Malaysians that cheap? Not to mention seeing people sitting on top of books and placing several books on the floor to be stepped on by other people. This really made me wonder what is wrong with our society nowadays. You guys should know that books in Malaysia doesn't come cheap.

This is the picture of before and after the whole 63hours event.

I really hope that the shoppers would be more considerate but no, they simply think only about themselves, not other. It was told that hundreds of unpurchased books were left in a heap, in the toilet and damaged. Estimated that around 300,000 books were misplaced not to mentioned damaged. They would just placed the books that they doesn't want to purchase at any corner they could find. The parents would just leave their children unattended when they browse, and kids being kids, will get the pages get torn when they are rough with the book.

This type of people that make other people lose interest in giving them a helping hand. I couldn't help but to pity for those who actually did this. May God have mercy on their souls. 



Unknown said...

the need to develop a habit of looking at the mirror

flame13th said...

Like a friend of mine said; Entitlement mentality. We all are guilty.