Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vote For Batman


Assalamualaikum / Peace be Upon You

Apparently General Election is coming soon, not only in America but right here in Malaysia. I'm not going to lie to you, as of late, politics within Malaysian people are making me angry. There are so many shady deals, biased remarks, and overall corruption that made me begun to completely lose faith in Malaysia's system. If people were to ask me who I wanted to become the leader of my country, I would gladly say; Batman.

And I will give you the reasons;
1) A man of great purpose and integrity, a leader and a doer

Batman can be considered as a great leader (even though he doesn't officially lead the Justice League). If he said he's going to do something, he'll do it. No questions asked. He have a high sense of integrity whereby it doesn't matter who you are, which race you belongs to or either you are good or evil, he will lend you a helping hand if you need his help.

2) Crime rate will go down

Yes, this is definitely the benefit of choosing him as a leader of your country. He created an organization just to fight crimes; Batman Incorporated whereby he recruit and unite other like-minded heroes under his brand with the same goal; to fight crimes.

3) Will bring down the national debt 

Batman could just write a check and end any country's debt crisis. Honest to God, the entire national debt is maybe a month's rent on that outer space satellite he bought the Justice League just to goof around in. I mean seriously, do you know how much an outer space satellite cost?

4) Ask for nothing from the citizens in return for his good deeds

Yes, Batman is the type of person that will do something and would not ask anything in return. He would do a lot of beneficial stuffs to the country but will never ask anything in return. Because for him, a safe and developing country is all the reward that he needs. Well, that and you need to be honest whenever he asked you a question. SWEAR TO ME!!!

5) Fight all the wars himself
I mean seriously, if any country would wage war against him, he would definitely jumps into action either by himself or his group of Batmen. You don't go around and messed with a guy who literally have a group of crime-fighters around him.

6) Potentially cool Vice President/Prime Minister  

He has a lot of candidates to become his Vice President/Prime Minister. From Nightwing to Red Robin. But I seriously wouldn't mind The Oracle being the Vice President/Prime Minister. Yes, it is because she would make the foxiest Vice President/Prime Minister.

7) Will crush corruption inside and outside the society

He would personally crush corruption with his own hands. No more bribery, no more injustice cronyism, no more taking advantage of any government funding, dirty politics. With him inside the Justice System, you can expect the hammer of justice to be deliver swiftly to the corrupted.

8) No matter who is the opponent is, he won't back down

This had been proven a lot of time. The Dark Knight is not a quitter, he is the type of person that will not go down without a fight. No matter how strong his adversaries or how many they are, he will never give up. He is a man with mass amount of willpower.

Like any human, he also have a few setbacks. Yes, seriously. Being a man inside the Justice System would mean for him to cut away some of his negative behaviors such as;

1) Women

Yes, this is definitely the number one concern. As you can see, he got the tendency of fooling around with a lot of women, from Catwoman to Vicky Vale. Various sex tapes that pops up rapidly definitely would be a major disaster. 

2) Picking up orphans

As you can see, Batman has a weird tendency of picking up stray young orphans (especially males) to become his family members. Not that it is wrong or anything but sometimes people might interpret it in the wrong way.

3) Trust issue

Being The Batman sometimes made him unable to trust anyone so fast. For some people this is a major issue. I think this habit is somewhat have it's pro and con since he wouldn't be able to fight crime if he trust anyone blindly.

I think that's about it regarding this matter. And people ask me why I would pick Batman over Spider-Man to be a leader? It's simply Spidey is more of a one man that can do any jobs that are given to him unlike Batman who can delegate and at the same time do several tasks in one go.

I seriously wish that The Batman is real so that I would vote for him if he would run during the next General Election. Because all I know that the country is in safe hand with him leading it. But then ask yourself either you really deserves a leader like him?


-No Corruption-No Crime-No Mercy-


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