Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not an Otaku, boy. Not an Otaku

Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly animation, manga, and video games. Female otaku are occasionally referred to as fujoshi.

Assalamualaikum / Peace Upon You

As quoted above, an otaku is someone who is really obsessed with something. Ask them about their particular line of interest, and they will sure be able to tell and describe to you any facts about it. As such, an AniWota in Japan is regarded as one of the most important core target in terms of merchandising and DVD/Blu-Ray sales, since these are the guys who will fork out whatever and however much is needed to acquire that item. Thus why we are seeing how the direction of animation as a whole itself is changing, as they are trying to cater to the needs of these group. What they want, is what the animation studios will give them.

I would like to ask all the people in this forum that claimed themselves to be an Otaku, some questions. If you are a so called otaku from Malaysia, try asking yourself, how much do you really know about the animation you watch? Honestly in Malaysia there lies a misconception that if you watch animation, you’re automatically an “otaku”. WTF man, most of you don’t even know what the word really mean but you classify yourself as one? Do you know the names of every seiyuu? Do you buy all the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the series? Do you spends your money relentlessly on any Japanese animaton merchandises without complaining on how high the prices are? Do you know who is Kawajiri Yoshiaki, Nagai Go, Ishiguro Noburo or Terasawa Buichi? Do you know who is Norio Wakamoto, Sakamoto Maaya, Fukuyama Jun, the most awesome Tomokazu Sugita or Hayashibara Megumi?

Lately, I found out it is irritating that there are some of people that only watched a couple of animations claimed that they are in fact an Otaku. That's not all, this so-called-otaku only buy animation DVDs that are being sold at some local shops and claimed it is original but in fact those things are Hong Kong bootlegs DVDs. I wonder if they really KNOW what original merchandise really means. I don’t think they are THAT stupid to not realize that the HK bootlegs DVD/VCDs are not original. But then again this is Malaysia. How do you show support for that particular series? Sure, by buying bootlegs of it, and proudly show them off…

A real otaku would go and try to buy the original release of that particular series. You bought pirated DVDs and you claimed yourself as an otaku? PTUI! Heck, even the figurines they buy are the Chinese knock off that cost just a fraction. And they are saying they are proud to be fans. Fans that are making the pirates richer by leeching off the hard work of others? If you say that the price is so high, there is a saying; Hendak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih. If there is a will, there is a way. Bah! Not to mention to the people that doesn't cough up a single cent but just downloading the stuffs from the net and say that they are true fans. Do you know that the Japanese animation industry is actully going down? If they went any down further, all of those animation that you guys watch will either be stopped or the quality will go down.

I once met this so-called-otaku that claimed that he is a true fan of animations but when I asked him either he know about Shishio Gai, Nekki Basara, or even Captain Harlock, he answered he never heard of them.WTF?! You don't know that characters and you said you are an otaku? Man, what a sad thing this is turning out to be.

I would like to make it clear that I was never an otaku. I only like watching animation, reading comic books and playing video games. I have never been a hardcore fans of animations/comic books; I just like to watch/read them, but never to the point of obsessive interest. Heck! Even the first animation that I watched wasn't from Japan, it was from America and my favorite character wasn't even from Japanese animation whatsover, it's Spider-Man. I collect Spider-Man's stuffs either it is original or pirated but lately most of it is original. :P

Oh yeah, in case people were wondering this subject was inspired by linkinstreet's post at his blog ( I already asked him if I can use some of the contents inside his post for this and he approved.

Not an Otaku, boy. Not an Otaku.


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